The Traditional Approach to Online Customer Acquisition is Broken

I help businesses operating in ultra-competitive markets to identify and implement profitable customer acquisition strategies

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Expert level SEO for FCA, CFPB, GDPR & ISO27001 & highly regulated niches.

By Ofer Valencio Akerman, a Former Cybercrime Investigator & International Business Enabler

The Self-destrutive, Broken Strategy

In ultra-competitive markets, businesses frantically BID against each other online, to try acquire new customers and steal customers from each other.

This customer-acquisition-strategy does get results but eventually hits a WALL because the strategy is ultimately self-destructive.


  • Profits plateau
  • LTV (LifeTime value) of customers don’t live up to expectations
  • CAC (Cost of acquiring customers) spiral out of control
  • Growth Stalls

But, with no alternative, you are forced to repeat this self-destructive strategy over and over again.

I help overhaul your online-customer-acquisition strategy to be profitable because that is on only way to achieve sustainable, repeatable growth in ultra-competitive marketplaces.

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The Benefits of implementing a “PROFITABLE” Customer Acquisition Strategy


Take advantage of advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and innovative concepts to identify and acquire the right customers for the right price..

Competitive Position

Aggressively focusing on strategic, more profitable online-customer-acquisition strategies helps you outperform and dominate in your ultra-competitive marketplace

Sustainable Growth
Opportunities Realized

When your not focused on copying your competitors online-customer-acquisition strategies you can identify new and hidden opportunities for sustainable growth

How I Can Help Your Business

You've tried your best. Maybe you have implemented a multi-channel marketing strategy or even implemented the foundation of an integrated omni-channel experience across all your online brand channels. Your tracking is on point. You might be using zero fingerprint conversion tracking across your channels to bypass ad-blockers and data is now flowing. You've got your machine Learning data scientists or SEO gurus analysing every piece of information your funnels produce, but your critical money path is still bleeding. When you've tried everything and are still hitting a wall, I can help you fix the complex puzzle of profitable customer acquisition.

Acquisition Consulting

Get a made-for-profit strategy to bring the right customers.

  • Increase per-unit profitability
  • Improve competitive position
  • Discover hidden opportunities

Intelligence development

Reach scientifically better customers with advanced Machine Learning

  • Obtain Actionable Business Intelligence
  • Maintain focus with dedicated AI
  • Reveal new business models

Master Level
SEO Advisory Retainers

Benefit from ongoing authority guidance and ranking protection

  • Expert level SEO & Brand monitoring
  • Mitagate risk of blackhat SEO penalties
  • Identify opportunities before your competitors

Hi, My Friends Call Me The Maestro…

Meet the authoritative SEO Guru for Financial Markets in the UK

Hello. My name is Ofer Valencio Akerman, but most of my colleagues, students and friends simply call me “Maestro”. I am not your ordinary SEO guy, and I do not deal with the abstracts of content marketing, links building and generic onsite operations. For that, you should contact a common SEO agency.

My area of expertise begins at the point where most SEO experts fail. I master the art of profitable customer acquisition for the world's toughest digital landscapes. The combination of my skills in the area of cyber security, Machine Learning, SEO and finance set me apart from all these nerds that offer #1 ranking overnight.

"I hold a masters degree in Military strategies, a BA in business administration and I completed a full military service as a cyber defense specialist. But, I'm not going to blow my own trumpet, if you want to learn more, just Google my name. No Fake News, I promise."

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It’s Time to Impliment A “Profitable” Online Customer Acquisition Strategy

My consulting offerings, are not for everyone..

I've helped global banks, international brands, premium hotels, financial services, the gambling industry, YLYM websites and startup companies impliment profitable-online-customer-acquisition strategies.

The ONE THING I’ve mastered is building profitable online customer acquisition strategies for businesses operating in ultra-competitive marketplaces.

I've also grown my own websites from zero to over $17Million of annual revenues within 4 years in the worlds most competitive niche.

Here's what will happen if I choose to work with you..

  • You’ll finally have a partner that is solely focused on making your customer-acquisition-channels profitable so your business can thrive in your ultra-competitive marketplace.
  • We're gonna work-hard and play-hard. Having lots of fun while boosting your business. A lot of wine, food and learning is guaranteed along the way!
  • Last but not least, you will always be able to say you had the most expensive and experienced consultant in the market dissect your customer-acquisition-channels.
If that sounds good to you then..