Introducing The Master Level SEO

You're doing the blog thing, You're doing the landing page thing, You're doing the on-page thing, You're even outreaching in your sleep trying to get backlinks! These things ALL work. BUT!!! And This Is A BIG BUT......

You’ve been battling away in your competitive market with your great website, the ultimate UX and stacks of great content. BUT, you're still falling short of where you need to be to bring in those big sales figures! The reason is very simple.


Your Opportunity To Own A Weapons-Grade SEO Knowledge

Over the years we have studied everything from the whitest of strategies all the way through to the darkest of strategies. We tested all commercial and underground ranking-manipulation tools. And we are happy to say that we don't believe in black hat techniques such as hacking, cloaking and spamming anymore. There is no need. When you do the right things in the correct order, you will make by-far more money.

Our Ebook is the first step for you to understand what we do and how we do it. The Ebook is your key card into our exclusive private community of SEO's dominating the SERPs in the worlds toughest digital landscapes

Become a Master of SEO

Dominating The SERPs In Most Competitive Digital Landscapes

Advanced Certification Training For Members Only

You've stumbled upon one of the most valuable and powerful SEO certification opportunities in the world. The Master of SEO certification program is designed for people responsible for online customer acquisition in ridiculously competitive niches. You are going to experience the most advanced SEO tactics and tools used by people that already earn serious money online. The program runs below the radar but above the "best of the rest."

Until today only 54 people have completed the Master of SEO certification. All of them left their work and are making a minimum of $17,000 per month.

How to become a Master of SEO?

The Master of SEO certification program is available for members only. The program includes three consecutive learning modules and a final exam.

Module 1 The Book Module 2 The Premium Knowledge Module 3 The Masters Training
What Advance Principles Of SEO For Dominating SERPs In Competitive Market Places. Access To The Masters-Only SEO Membership Area: The SEO Masters Training Day
Learning objectives
  • The Theory Behind Rankings In Competitive Niches
  • Principles Of Advanced Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO For Money Sites
  • Private Blog Networks And Link Building Basics
  • Advanced Affiliate Marketing
  • Strategic Plans Inc Competitive Content Development
  • Killer Link Building Tactics
  • The Art Of Lead Generation And Landing Pages Creation
  • Contiually Added Content
  • Predictive Keyword Research
  • Reverse Engineering Of Your Competitors Strategies
  • Powerful Link Building Techniques
  • Building PBN's On Another Level - Rank For Anything
  • Rank-11, The Only Ranking Signals You Need To Win.
  • Underground Tactics - Observations From The Underground
Method of Learning Ebook- When You Purchase The Ebook You Will Become A Member And Get The Secret Training Details. Online Learning Materials Once A Year, We Conduct Training Seminars But Only For Our Members. You Get A Full Days Hands-On Training.
Dates And Locations Will Be Available Exclusively For Our Members

Get Our Digital Domination Handbook Today

Beyond The "Best Of The Rest". Your Chance For Superior knowledge

                          What's In The Book
  • Introduction - Understanding Our Mindset
  • The Theory Behind Rankings- An Overview To Researching Your Market
  • Keyword Research - Identifying Your Keywords And The Advantages Of Clustering
  • On-Page SEO - On-Page Optimisation For 2017 And Beyond
  • Power Links - An Overview Of PBNs And Building Online Assets Of Monumental Value
  • The Digital Domination Handbook is packed full of Golden information on its own. It also serves as an essential foundation to our Advanced Section where we take the training up to the next level.

    At the moment you can get 3 Months free access to our advanced training section so you can see and appreciate the value of our training.

The Master Level SEO Advanced Training Section

    In Depth Video Tutorials

Our advanced training area contains many hours worth of videos which show you in detail everything you need to know.

Constantly Updated Content

We spend a great deal of our time researching. We frequently update and add new content to keep you ahead of the competition.

Proven Strategies

The information we teach is from our own experiences. Our proven systems help us build profitable businesses on demand.

Whats In Our Advanced SEO Training?

  • Starting From The Basics - If you are concerned about our training being too advanced, worry not!
  • The Digital Domination Handbook gives you all of the basics that you need. In the advanced section we will also cover much of the book in video format to help the information really sink in. Once you have mastered the foundations, you can move onto the more advanced training with confidence.

  • Understanding Your Market Landscape - In depth research into your competitors strategies
  • Gaining a thorough understanding of your competitors actions plays a huge part in developing your own strategy. Our advanced section will show you how we use a range of tools to get a through understanding of our operating landscapes.

  • Content Of Kings - How We Produce Masses Of Quality Content For Our Websites
  • Content, content, content....It seems to be all people talk about these days! Well, there is good reason for this. It is incredibly important to have great content, and lots of it. We share how we get a constant flow of great quality, highly researched content to help broaden our websites reach to more audiences every day.

  • Targeting Masses Of Keywords With One Page - Understanding And Deploying Keyword Clustering
  • Many of our websites target tens of thouands of keywords. Of course we need to make sure that the content is relevant to our target audience but don't want to create pages with just a few targeted keywords. We will show you how we cluster keywords into relevant batches and effectively target hundreds of keywords from the same pages.

  • Link Research - Set Up And Operate The Worlds Most Advanced Link Research Tool For The Best Link Investigation
  • Links are still the No1 ranking factor for your webpages. However, getting quality links is a battle. What may appear good on the surface may well be toxic for your website. We use the most powerful tooks available for our link profile investigations. Some of these tools are highly complex and requires setting up correctly in order for you to get the results you require. We will show you how it is done.

  • Link Strategies - Creating A Scaleable Strategy For Market Domination

Effective backlinking is the key to success. Building links left, right and centre will only do you harm. Building your links in a structured way will have a profound effect on your rankings. We explain our strategies and how they can be adapted to work in any market.

Is This Handbook  & Training For Me?

Are you trying to (or thinking of) competing in a power niche, or do you just want to DOMINATE your own market? If the answer is yes, then you should be part of the Master Level SEO Community

The Ebook Is Your Keycard To Our Private Community.

Why Did We Make This Ebook?

Obviously we didn't do it for the money. That is why the price is a nominal amount. The value for you is in the Ebook, the Advanced Training and what comes to follow by being part of our community.

So what's in it for Us? Well, by helping you succeed we create new and useful business relationships. We start many new ventures with our students and this is where the value for us is.


The Authoritative SEO Guru for Financial Markets in the UK

Ofer Valencio Akerman - The "Maestro"

Ofer Akerman

Hello. My name is Ofer Valencio Akerman, but most of my colleagues, students and friends simply call me “Maestro”. I am not your ordinary SEO guy, and I do not deal with the abstracts of content, links, CRO and user engagement.

For that, you should go to an advanced SEO training section. My area of expertise begins at the point where most SEO experts fail - making a serious amount of money in the world's toughest digital landscapes. All of my tactics are market-proven to generate millions in income in highly regulated marketplaces.

I spent over 20 years as a cyber crime investigator, chasing some of the world's most gifted digital criminals. I came across super-powerful traffic networks, link hubs and ranking deception tools. All these talented people had one thing in common: they made 100x more money than I earned as a security expert. But no more!

I have distilled their techniques, enhanced it with military-grade ideas and turned it all into the world's most powerful SEO strategy, designed for FCA-approved businesses. All of my aggressive SEO tactics are white-hat, Google-approved, and aimed for sustainable revenues.

In case you were wondering, yes I hold a master degree in Military strategies, a BA in business administration and I completed a full military service as a cyber defence specialist. If you want to learn more, just Google my name. No fake news, I promise.

The Master Affiliate

Rich "Rudi" Voller

Hello, my name is Rich Voller. However, I am known to many as “Rudi”.

The nickname came from my years in HM Forces as an intelligence collector, analyst and engineer.

I carried the nickname into the online world. Starting as a username but in time to keep some level of anonymity.

I started as an affiliate marketer, building affiliate websites while I was away with work. Within 9 months my earnings were more than what I was earning in my military work. I left the military and have never looked back.

Frequently I have created affiliate websites bringing in 5 figures a month in just a few months.

These websites then become assets which can be flipped for six figures plus. The income figures you see in the image are from lifetime earnings from an 18 month old site. That site was flipped for high six figures. Not bad for a few hours work a week eh?

I moved into the training market shortly after leaving to show people how to make money online via affiliate marketing.

My last flurry into training was to create my own digital marketing training course, brought up to date for what works today. This course was a huge success, but was only available for a very limited amount of people due to my hands-on nature with my students.

More recently I have been consulting, speaking and training my 1 to 1 Clients into dominating the worlds toughest digital landscapes.

Working with Maestro we make websites into multi-million pound businesses adn train others to do it too. At Master Level SEO, our training will give you everything that you need in order to rank and profit from even the toughest digital markets in the world.

We Don't Speculate...We Get Consistent, Proven And Sustainable Results

It's Below The Radar...But Above The System

Due to our backgrounds we are secretive by nature. We have kept these methods quiet for good reason. Not only do we use these methods ourselves but they are designed to dominate even the toughest of digital markets.

Our Courses Will Change Your Whole Approach To Digital Marketing

If you follow average advice, you will get average results...AT BEST!!

Our success comes from testing, more testing and then a little bit more testing. We have literally spent tens on thousands of pounds in the last year testing, disproving some methods, proving others and most importantly developing a system that not only works....but gets stronger with time.  

Our successes in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) for financial markets, tourism and business are well known amoung industry peers. One site, we have been working on has gone from 0 to £2m ($2.58m) per year in just over 12 months.

We have built enough traffic coming to the website that equivelant Adwords expenditure would be $1.2M Per Month. Our costs for doing so have been just a small percentage of one months income.

Google's An Enigma - But Not A Closed Book

“We Cant Blame Google For Wanting The Best Search Results For Its Users....But Only A Fool Would Hang On Their Every Word”

Anyone working in digital marketing will know all about the major updates that Google make. Most noteably Panda and Penguin. Lower quality marketers quake in their boots at the slightest hint of an algorithm update.

Our system developed from many years and thousands of pounds spent on testing keeps you clean. We can both say that we have never had a money site penalised by Google. You keep things top end and tight you will never have a problem.

All of this talk of content marketing being the only way to rank is nonsense. Good quality content is absolutely essential, but even the most professionally written piece that has been perfectly optimised will do little to help you in competitve industries.

Every Single Market Has A Different Landscape

What many digital marketers fail to take into account is that every online landscape is different. What might be a clear path to success for one market could well get you nowhere in the next.

Google wants us all to focus on User Experience (UX) And Content. But for competitive landscapes that simply doesn't cut it. Content and UX might work fine in less competitive markets, but when you face solid competition it will get you nowhere.

Links are still today the most important factor in ranking a website. However, to win in power markets it is quality and quantity. Not one or the other.

When it comes to dominating in a power market you have to consider everything. Not just content, links, UX or even the compeititon. You need to learn how to grade your complete market landscape and work out exactly what it is going to take to be the best.

NOW Is The Time To Put The Odds In Your Favour. We Show You How To DOMINATE A Market, Not Just Rank.

Results Speak Louder Than Words

No fuzzy Sales pitch here! The results speak for themselves.

This practical handbook is based on real-world success stories. It has been proven over and over again in the most demanding markets. Get it to work for your business. But don’t take my word for it, see what my clients say:

Robert A. Spira, Chairman Chapman Spira & Carson Investment Banking and a member of the NY stock exchange.

I have been working with the Maestro for many years in NY. I saw him dealing with a percentage of the world's most gifted digital hoodlums and at the same time, changing over their encounters into business learning. We turned around numerous products together. It's astounding to ponder that he is just about to share all this information on the net. In the event that you are even a bit candid about profiting on the web, he is your man.

Paul Moran, Managing Director, Ellison Ray Ltd

With more than 20 years of involvement in one of the UK most competitive niche markets, Ofer Akerman is the most capable organic client acquisition strategist I have encountered.

Dr. Michael Heiks Geschäftsführer, TV Plus GmbH

I have been working with the Maestro to help a portion of the greatest clients in Germany to acquire customers online, build solid brands and enhance competitive edge. Some of our clients were banks, government agencies and across the country retailers. Additionally, it will be dependably a charming gesture to share with him a glass of wine and some cheese.

Soben Huon, Associate - Asset & Wealth Management New York Financials Deutsche Bank

The SEO Masters course was a distinct advantage for my own vocation. I needed a professional online presence to highlight being an expert in my field. It's friendly classes/tutorials assisted me with optimizing my online vicinity and realize new career opportunities.

Frederick A. Peterson III. Security & Intelligence expert.

Maestro, composing a testimonial for a gentleman like you requires for the most extent a confidentiality agreement and high security clearance. So I will just say that it was an honor to work with you on national and international level of cyber security cases. The power you give people with this course has the potential to become a real life changer. Ah, all the Zins of the Past. When you're back to DC, the Zinfandel is on me. Thank you.

Sascha Karstädt, Berlin Director Founder Institute

Ofer Valencio Akerman is one of the Founder Institute (FI) most appreciated mentor. He has mastered the art of taking ideas into online profitability. I am certain many of our companies are still enjoying his made-for-business SEO methods.

Yanick and Lizke VanHove EU Tango champions Belgium

Hola Maestro de tango vino y carne. You helped us to discover the way of transforming our enthusiasm into a business and we will always be thankful for that. It takes a magician like you to build business from tango and get such a variety of fans and clients from the internet. Can hardly wait to hit the dance floor with you once more. Your course is totally an existence changer! We can hardly wait for the last form to be accessible on the web.

Stefanie Vujovic, Owner of CAPEGOLD Medical Beauty Center Berlin

Much thanks to you Maestro. Admire you for your extraordinary help with gaining customers online for my business. Thank you for your business intelligence and for imparting it to me. I watch the pre-release version of your course and learn new things even after 10 times of watching it.

Matthew Stubbs, Master of Wine

Much obliged to you Maestro, I watched you're training materials again and again. Indeed, even my wife is currently enlivened to begin her own business online: ?. Your down to earth approach, the blueprint for content development and SEO strategies are beyond anything I have encountered before. My online wine academy dream is at last a real and genuine business. For us, your course is not just about SEO, it is a groundbreaking background. If it's not too much trouble, come to visit us in our vineyard, the wine is on the house

Daniel Roger, President Leonardo hotels Europe

Loco Maestro - you are amazing and your courses are a wellspring of motivation. Particularly in our competitive niche. Much thanks to you.

Most SEO “Experts” Have It Wrong!

They focus on traffic, not profitability.

Most so-called SEO “experts” are trained to bring you traffic but they don’t understand your business and they use the exact same skillset to promote you and your competitors.

Everything we do is focused with one eye on ROI. You need qualified traffic not traffic from irrelevant sources. This predominantly comes from organic traffic from extremely tough search terms.

Many of our competitors spend millions per year on marketing. Employing so called "High End SEO Agencies" for £20k+ per month plus many times this on TV advertising. But who wins the battle of the SERPS every time?

We Will Help You Change Everything!

The Ebook & Advanced Training are only suitable for those serious about dominating their respective digital markets. Is this something you can afford NOT to be involved in?

NOW Is The Time To Put The Odds In Your Favour. We Show You How To DOMINATE A Market, Not Just Rank.

3 Month Package

$ 99

  • 3 Months Advance Access
  • Access To All Future Content
  • Invitation to the "Master Level SEO Training"
  • Be the first to know about new SEO tools and tactics

eBook Plus

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  • Market Domination Ebook
  • 3 Months Advance Access
  • Access To All Future Content
  • Invitation to the "Master Level SEO Training"
  • Be the first to know about new SEO tools and tactics

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  • Market Domination Ebook
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